Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wedding Hair and Make-up

The wedding is exactly 6 months from today! I am getting excited, but also really nervous. For someone who loves weddings and (thought) knew what they liked, it has been really hard making decisions.
I have my dress which is the big thing, but now I'm starting to think about things like shoes, jewelry, make-up, hair, purses, bridesmaid accessories, etc.
It is all just so overwhelming. I heard that many people are a little depressed when the wedding is over, but for me, I will just be relieved. The whole planning process has taken up so much time.
I wish a magic fairy would just scoop out of the sky and help me decide what to do with everything. Let's hope I make it through the day of the wedding. Right now, I freak out just thinking about it!
A lot of companies offer make-up kits specifically for brides and I'm wondering if I should try one. I would be a lot cheaper to do my own make-up (I am ALL about saving money), but I will probably be happier with my look if someone does it for me. There is a kit I might try by Sephora called "Beauty and the Bride" that I might get. Hopefully it will help me figure out a wedding look, or at the very least I can use it for the shower and honeymoon.
Geez, 6 months. It's so hard to believe in 6 months I will be a MRS!!!

(Image: Sephora)

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