Friday, February 3, 2012

Clean Coffee

I have always loved the flavored coffee creamers: Egg Nog Latte, Sugar Cookie, Peppermint Mocha- I bought them for every season and consumed them in (fairly) large amounts.

I always knew they had hydrogenated oil in them, but thought that a little bit wouldn't hurt. Of course, have a few cups of coffee a day and mindlessly pouring the creamer in probably added up to more hydrogenated oil(not to mention calories) than anybody should ever have.

In an effort to eat clean (and look decent in my wedding dress) I have cut out all creamers- and I really have noticed a difference. Not only does my coffee taste better, but there is no oily film in my mouth after I drink it. Plus, my new recipe has 0 WW points. The light soy milk adds protein and the cinnamon lowers unhealthy cholesterol levels. So, I can have as many as I want! Surprisingly, I don't miss my beloved creamers at all! Who knew that drinking something so delicious could be so good for you?

Clean Coffee

Black Coffee
1/4 cup light soy milk
ground cinnamon

The trick is to put the soy milk and ground cinnamon in the coffee mug first. Then, brew the coffee on top and give it a really good stir. Best coffee ever. Sorry International Delight, Coffee Mate, and Starbucks- I found a new favorite!

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