Thursday, October 20, 2011

Saving $$$

It is a gorgeous day! This is my kind of weather. Nick is home today since he worked overnight last night and I am forcing him to go on a run with me. He doesn't feel well, but I think fresh air will do him good.

I watched extreme couponing last night and was inspired to start saving money. I decided to get groceries at Target instead of the normal grocery store and I saved so much money! I even have some of our weekly grocery allotment left for fun stuff! Big boxes of cereal for $3, limes and lemons for $.33, $1 for good Greek yogurt...
I play $6 for small box of cereal and $1 or more for 1 lime or lemon, $2-3 for 1 yogurt at our usual grocery store.
I love saving money! What a great feeling. Now I just need to collect coupons too and actually use them. Maybe we will get our own place after all...

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