Saturday, July 23, 2011

outdoor weddings

I know that outdoor weddings look picture perfect on TV, and in magazines and books. This is part of the reason why my fiance and I really want an outdoor wedding. We also love camping, the beach, and being outdoors, so we could think of no better place to take our vows than outside.

That being said, having a ceremony outside is something that scares us. What if it pours? What if there is thunder, lightening, or even hail? What if the remnants of a hurricane decide to blow us and our flowers, etc. out of the gardens.

This has been a huge decision for us. We could go with what we REALLY want (an outdoor ceremony) and pray that the weather is good, or we could play it safe and just plan to do it inside. (Although we would probably have HUGE regrets if the day turned out nice)

This is just one of the situations that I lose sleep over. I guess things will come together, but right now, wedding planning ir a bit stressful.

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