Monday, May 30, 2011

My Garmin

I got a Garmin for my birthday and has already changed my life!  I look forward to using it, and I can't go one day without it or I feel like my day isn't complete.  Mostly, I enjoy getting outside and being on my own.  I always thought I needed to listen to my IPod while working out, but my IPod broke and I had to go out without it.  Funny because it made me realize that I actually like to run more WITHOUT the IPod.  I could hear the birds, animals in the grass, and my own breath as I was running.  I actually felt PEACEFUL as I ran as fast as I could and listened to my heartbeat. 

For the first time in a long time, I felt ALIVE and that is the best part.  Since I got the Garmin, my whole attitude on working out has changed.  Because of dance, I thought I always had to have music and make the workout fun.  But now, I see that working out is a sort of therapy- it is impossible to be unhappy after a run and my head felt clearer than ever.  Being outdoors, feeling the sun shine on my shoulders and the burn in my legs are all things that I never felt inside on a machine.  I know it works for some, but I really prefer being outside.  The only part I hate is snakes- I have seen a few on the trail (dead thankfully) and even had a groundhog charge at me, but I take mace and hope that it works on animal attacks.  All in all, I am starting to love to run (ok, it's not running, just a really slow jog, but it takes practice I guess).  I am excited to see how different things will be a year from now- I have  feeling I will be able to say the Garmin changed my life- I can see it already.

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